Cooking Videos #1

Our first cook on our cast aluminum prototypes. We smoked a 8lb pork shoulder, 5lb chicken, 15lbs of Mac-n-cheese,  and sausages.  All in a 18 inch smoker.

Cook #2

Second cook on cast aluminum prototypes. We smoked Mrs. Staxx Au Gratin potatoes, baked beans, and a bacon wrapped meatloaf.

Cook #3

Third cook on cast aluminum prototypes. We smoked in 5 pans, on 2 smokers.  We cooked pork shoulder, Mrs. Staxx mac-n-cheese, lollipop drums,  bacon wrapped meatballs,  twice baked potatoes skins, pig shots, and atomic buffalo turds.

Cook #4

We cooked low and slow BBQ on our Smoke Staxx pans.  We used a Large Big Green Egg and the 18” Weber Smokey Mountain.  We cooked with four pans on the Weber and made pork shoulder (pulled pork),  smoked mac n cheese,  smoked chicken thighs, and smoke baked potatoes.  In the large big green egg we used BBQ Guru Rib Rings overtop of Smoke Staxx pans and made 4 racks of ribs over smoke baked beans!   Epic BBQ Cook!!

Cook #5

We cooked a bbq bacon wrapped meatloaf fatty and smoked cheesy potatoes. All on Smoke Staxx.  Keeps the big green egg free from drippings and maximizes space.

Most Staxx Ox Tail Stew

Mrs Staxx mad a delicious over the top ox tail stew!